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Just wondering if anyone else has ever thought about the idea of having an artist club style razor using two blades like a double edge razor. Vector style double sided wouldn't be the worst idea would it?

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It looks like one may already exist. Check out this Dave in KY video. He can enlighten us

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Thanks ALI , as the video shows I use 2 AC Blades but only shave with one side. Both are needed to have the top cap sit level but only one side is at an angle you can shave with comfortably. It's a great shaver though for sure. Take Care !

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Thanks Dave in KY … not quite what you are looking for Zeltronlegacy … surely it will be invented someday!

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The reason that a DE razor/blade combo works is that the blade is thin and flexible and can be curved so that a single blade could provide two edges presented at the same shave angle so that blade life would be double what it might be otherwise.

While AC style blades (and even other injector style blades) can provide a great shave, they do so in a manner different to a DE razor. The SE blades are much thicker than DE blades. They cannot be bent. Also, because the blade is thicker, the bevel is ground in such a manner that the blades intrinsically last much longer. For the blades to work properly, the SE razor heads are designed such that the blade is held at a very shallow angle against the skin with the top cap barely clearing the skin.

You could design an injector razor that used two SE blades by essentially welding two injector style razor heads together on one handle. While I can see some disadvantages to such as design such as extra head weight that might alter the balance of the razor, I do not see much of an advantage.

Prolonging the life of a DE blade is a good thing as some of us only get a few shaves from a blade before if becomes unusable, but SE blades often last much longer. I only get 3-4 shaves from a DE blade, but can usually get 10-12 from either a AC style blade or a Chinese Schick injector blade. DE blades are rather inexpensive. You get two shaving edges for 10-35 cents per blade depending upon source. On the other hand, an Artist Club blade might cost $1 per blade. Using a second blade in the razor will double the cost, but assuming you get the same number of shaves per blade, the cost per shave will be the same. 

If you want to use more than one injector blade during your shave, I suggest that you get a second injector razor. There is no rule that states that you have to use the same razor for every pass or even for both sides of your face. When evaluating blades and razors, I often shave one side of my face with one razor/blade combo and use another combo for the other side so I can compare the two. My typical shave consists of a 4-pass shave (WTG, XTG, ATG, and clean-up) done using a different razor/blade combo for each pass. I start off with a moderately aggressive razor for my WTG pass and then progress to less aggressive razors for each subsequent pass ending with a very mild razor equipped with a super sharp blade for my clean-up pass. Sometimes I will introduce a straight razor, or SE razor into the sequence for variety. I figure if I have multiple razors, I might as well use them.

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The main issue we have is that Vector-style with a head twice as big is no longer Vector-style. It might still be a fun design/production exercise to do at some point.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys. I guess the only reason it popped in my mind is that sometimes when I use my vector I wanna flip it around like a double edge but then stop mid-way and i am like wait your using a single edge you silly goose lol...I'll just keep dreaming I guess.

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Noticed this the other day from Shield razors. Just wish it was AC blades on both sides. Still an Interesting idea.[Image: Y7UF9jq.jpg][Image: OJgNrWd.jpg]

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Wow, I find this combination very interesting. Does anyone know what exactly is meant by this SE razor blade?
Looking at the head, I would guess it means a half DE razor blade.
I would have liked an injector razor blade even better.

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