I found a couple of these 5 packs of blades a year or so ago at a car boot sale. I think I took the packs out of the cardboard packaging to save space and I was wondering if anyone would know from the blade and packaging , how old they are?[Image: 059dc01f22a5667266dc3bd40d7ff970.jpg]

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Surprised you haven't received anything on your question, 1morepasswill. I'll take a shot at it, but it's from a very hazy memory and I've not researched it at all.

Weren't the English made 'Swords' the original and weren't they the 'Swords' against which all the rest of the 'Swords' made in other places, today, are measured? If that is true, I remember using 'Swords' when they first came out, and they were, indeed, the best blade I had yet tried, and were acclaimed by nearly every pundit. They dislodged the then current Gillette Blue Blades to a lesser spot on the quality ladder. If all  of my recollection is correct, that would put them at around the time of the $1.95 Gillette Adjustable Razor's (Fatboy) introduction or circa 1959!

A little legwork with Google/Bing and searching other boards should turn up the history of the "Wilkie" and make for some interesting reading.

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Does Mean I Must Buy High End Shaving Gear?
Thanks, I'm surprised there hasn't been any answers on this. I'll maybe do a bit more digging myself.

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There is no "digging" as there is no primary source info. Nada. On another forum in the U.K. a host of theories have been posted using WS period advertising to try & date production. It's the best you're going to get. Your pkg. looks like 1970's England production:

“...As I use a Rim Fire Winchester Rifle, I would like to have one of your .44 pistols that would fire the same cartridge, as carrying two sizes of or kinds of cartridges in this Indian country is a nonsense.”

George D. Merriam letter to Smith & Wesson 9 June 1873.
I'm familiar with that thread. They are not much better than the current ones so I'm not all that fussed any more. Thanks.

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