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Danaid Foil 50 Homage to Tom Ford's Ombre Leather! (Pronounced Day-nay-id) 

Scent Profile: Violet Leaf, Cedar, Cardamom; Jasmine Sambac, Orris, Raspberry; Leather, Woody Notes, Amber and Tobacco. 

First 50 Bundles Include Limited Edition, Collectible, Holographic Label!

Happy VD People! hmmm, maybe I should rephrase that. Happy Valentine's Day People! Now, Finally We Can Drop Danaid Foil 50! The flood of requests for this one is insane, makes me regret making it Valentine themed...but who knew? Perhaps that makes this release even more special? My point is, Don't Miss This One Shave Cadets! NOTE: Chocolate CUBE 2.0 is again available too!

[Image: He0iKOs.jpg]

A long running VD Tradition here! Danaides? Really Doug? And you expect me to pronounce that? (art origin story) 

Indeed I do, hee, hee, hee, as advertised, we have always been more than just shaving people! I mean what better way to express the theme of love than with a tip of the hat to Hypermnestra, the Danaid who chose to defy her father and not kill her husband, Lynceus on their wedding night...unlike her other 49 sisters! Thus foiling his plans. A classic Greek myth from grade school. 

So with that in mind I went to it creating the artwork and if I do say so myself, it came out rather epic! There's a lot going on in it for sure and some visual story telling or clues that relate back to other past & future releases! So keep a keen eye, especially if you score a holographic label! It's like staring into a stargate! 

As for the scent, Ombre Leather is considered the king of the modern leather fragrances! Think Tuscan Leather with bold and full supportive woody and tobacco colors supporting it. Definitely a scent to be worn all year but I particularly think it works the best in the cooler months...and is Absolutely Perfect for Valentine's Day!

"Try Something Different, Phoenix Shaving!"
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