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Hi all,

We're back for another year of participation in Movember to help raise awareness and money for men's health issues!  Since we started doing this in 2015, we've raised over $9,100!!!

With the idea of getting the forum involved, I reached out to all of the merchants on the forum to see if they'd donate some shaving supplies.  We're also going to change it up a bit this year to allow anyone to donate new and unused items for the Movember donation drive.  The items sent to me MUST be new and unused - if I suspect something has been used, I'll throw it away.

Address for shipping any items to me:

Damn Fine Shave
PO Box 330
Essington, PA 19029

If you're not a merchant and sending something to me and want me to thank you in this thread for your donation, please leave a note in the package you send to me, reply in here with what you sent OR send me a private message!

We're going to follow along with last year and keep it limited to doing 2 lots for Movember, unless the amount of items donated warrants more boxes.

As we continue with having a merchant do a Movember LE for us, we're excited to announce that we've teamed up with Sri of Wholly Kaw (whollykaw) to do a soap, cream and aftershave splash for us.  Info to follow below this post!

All money raised will be sent directly to our DFS Movember team page as well as a smaller percentage being donated to TJ's Travel Funds & Care Packages to help kids and families with leukodystrophy.

Here's a list of merchants that have agreed to donate products to the forum (I'll add to it as more respond to me):
andrewjs18 of Damn Fine Shave
whollykaw of Wholly Kaw
dominicr of Sir Henry's
Stubble Daddy of Trotter Handcrafts
Dragonsbeard of Ethos Grooming Essentials
The Razor Company The Razor Company
ezlovan of Stirling Soaps
CaD314 of Phoenix Shaving
Barrister_N_Mann of Barrister & Mann
summerbreaksoaps  of Summer Break Soaps
TheShaveSupply of The Shave Supply
jankdc of The Gentle Shave
IrishC of Talbot Shaving
murphyandmcneil  of Murhpy & McNeil
Hensontech of Henson Shaving
Eleven of Eleven
Nero of Damn Fine Shave
ExtraProtein of Damn Fine Shave

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Wholly Kaw will be doing our Movember LE for the year.  The release will consist of a tallow soap, cream & aftershave splash.  Scent notes listed below.

Here's the snippet that Sri is adding to the wholly kaw site to announce this release (written by myself & Sri collaboratively):

Quote:Damn Fine Shave is back for another year of participation in raising awareness and money for men’s health for the Movember Foundation.  This will be our 6th year of involvement!  With the help of our generous merchants, individuals who donated directly to our Movember team page, donated items to be auctioned off and those that purchased our Movember lot boxes, we have raised over $9,100 in 5 years.  When Movember concludes for this year, we’re hopeful that we’ll surpass the $10,000 mark!

As we’ve been doing for the past few years, we like to try to get a merchant involved in making a Movember LE item for the forum.  This year, we’re happy that Sri from Wholly Kaw has agreed to make us a custom scent for a shaving soap, cream and aftershave splash.

The fragrance for DFS2021 Movember is aromatic and sensual at the same time. It opens with a bitter spicy note mixed with a citrusy note combined with the tobacco which is present from start to end. A hint of gingery spice in the background that gives it depth, warmth and sensual appeal. The fragrance perfectly mixes the woody amber background with tangy tobacco tops to give you a masculine scent that is sophisticated, yet not too heavy. A great go-to fragrance for everyday wear - not overpowering or cloying, but subtle and distinct.

Top notes are Ginger, Osmanthus, Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, Artemisia; middle notes are Tobacco, Patchouli, Guaiac Wood and Vetiver; with Vanilla as the base note.

soap/cream labels:

[Image: mh12oa9.png]

aftershave labels:
[Image: NrlOhwn.png]

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That’s great news andrewjs18 !  Wholly Kaw is an excellent choice.  Happy2

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Sir Henry's will participate again this year.

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Shave Sharp, Look Sharp

Trotter Handcrafts
Bellingham, Washington USA
I'll donate a Trotter Handcrafts shaving brush.

(sent you a PM Andrew)


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Thank You for doing this Andrew!

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Deus Ex Machina

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apologies to the merchants as I haven't sent out the mass email yet as I was waiting to get my PO Box squared away. Now that I have that taken care of, I'll be sending out an email over the next day or two.

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You can count me in for some assorted software.

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hi all,

I heard from a few merchants that are offering up items directly from their shop. Thus far, this is what I received:

The Razor Company reached out and is offering up these items from his shop:

1. $100 gift card to TRC
2. Merkur 34c razor
3. A soap and aftershave set (of the winner's choice), from Master Soap Creations


ezlovan is offering up these items from Stirling Soaps:

leather razor case, a Baili adjustable TTO razor, and a set of Soap and Aftershave in the winner's choice scent.


Barrister_N_Mann is offering up:

two sets of shaving soap (winner's choice, so long as we have it in stock here) and two bottles of Fougère Gothique EdP.

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got some photos from Stubble Daddy of the brush he's donating. thanks, Paul!

[Image: IggZpEh.jpg]

[Image: fCUohfE.jpg]

[Image: zHTTIMU.jpg]

[Image: p42lKIM.jpg]

[Image: xgPIqri.jpg]

[Image: 99EDN0H.jpg]

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