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We all know that Andrew and the moderators have worked hard to ensure that this forum isn’t about money, pushing certain products or punishing those with whom they disagree.  In line with that, I’m sponsoring an auction to assist with DFS costs.  This is a win-win-win.  DFS gets operating funds, one of you get an awesome straight razor (or knife if you don’t use a straight) and I get exposure for my new business.

This auction coincides with launching my new business, Hendrix Classics & Co.   The way it will work is that the winner will send the money to Andrew.  Once received, I’ll ship your razor or we’ll get to work on your custom design.

We’ll start with this razor, though I’ll add more as we go along.


It would be great if you check out the whole site.  The video and general pics show parts of how I make them.


Also, quick note to mention that I originally posted this in the wrong forum, have deleted the old post and added a new one.

Here is info to know about the auction:
  • It will last for two weeks, ending June 27th.
  • There is a reserve price of $250
  • The winner has the option of a custom razor in line with the price points of the winning bid.
  • The lifetime guarantee applies.
  • I’ll ship internationally and pay the first $30 in shipping costs.  I think that is enough to cover locations where most of our members are.
  • I need for the person with the highest current bid to stay in touch with DFS.  The razors are live on my site and if someone buys one I need to know which one you wanted.  You will receive first choice.
  • Don’t use a straight?  The skills for making knives are the same as those for straight razor scales.  I can make a badass knife or kitchen cutlery.

Here is a pic of a different razor you also could choose - just to keep things interesting:

[Image: Heirloom-Black-Micarta-Dovo-Straight-Raz...1527789817]

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Very generous

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Hey, Pete, I took a look at your site and it is striking, as are your scales. Happy2
I'm getting a dead link to the horn wedge


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Thank you for the heads up LOOT. I think I have set up now.
Very generous, Pete. Happy2
Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart

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Pete, we all appreciate your efforts to contribute to keeping DFS the sort of forum that we all enjoy and I wish you success in your business.

Thank you,

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very cool, Pete123. thanks for that!

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

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I mentioned that I could make a knife for those who don’t use a straight.  While I'm in the shaving business, the skill sets are very similar and I made the one below.

The blade is 440C Stainless.  440C was the best stainless on the market for knives for a long time.  We now have some better knife steels, though 440C continues to be the most widely used.

The scales were made from Kirinite, which is a high-end acrylic specifically designed for making scales.  This knife as a black liner, which you can see in the photo showing the butt of the knife.  

Brass / Stainless Loveless Bolts are used for the primary pins.  There is also a decorate pin, which you can best see in the picture of the butt.  

One of the Loveless bolts looks scratched in the pic, though it isn't.  You can see a few scratches on the blade in one of the pics, though they would be removed before shipping.  

[img][Image: CLhtxEk.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: I5wQYj6.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: oXsu8na.jpg][/img]

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