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Boston, MA

I have begun the process of getting fitted and purchasing a new Road bike for an upcoming 200 mile ride today. I have biked before, but never for sport. Does anyone Cycle?

What is your setup? How Often do you Ride? What do you enjoy about it?

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San Francisco CA
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I have a Felt road bike that I converted for triathlon use. Haven't ridden in a while though. Road riding takes some getting used to. It always makes me nervous putting faith in others to be alert and not kill you, but cycling really is a blast. Be sure to do some reading on lane management so you stay safe out there.

Make sure to invest in clipless pedals and quality shoes. They make all the difference.
Hey yeah I pretty much completely agree with Shane ... I rode for a long time with a friend of mine but he ended up passing away and I haven't rode in a while. I have a felt. The clipless peddles are essential although misleading because they clip in haha ... And the rest is just spending time on the bike ... Putting in miles ... Best of luck to you

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I have never done any serious riding, but I used to go out with friends when I was a bike courier, approximately, 17 years ago.
I still commute to work, every day, by bike, but age and playing too much footie (soccer), twice a week, have made it challenging to do any more riding than this. Also, I guess riding a fixed gear for five years with no toe-straps didn't help, either. Big Grin

I used to ride a Charcoal Black Surly Steamroller, but, now, I only use my Soma Crosscheck.
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Boston, MA
Great input guys.

I also ordered the Felt Z85 with shimano 105 parts and nice clipless pedals. Got a pair of Sidi shoes... Really nice setup for a novice like myself.

I had everything fitted

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I'm an avid cyclist for going on 15 years now. Current road bike is a Cervelo S3, but I also dabble in mountain and track riding too. I try to ride 3-4 times a week but with small kids at home it's tough to do (except in the winter when I ride indoors on my trainer).

I just did just under a 200 mile ride last weekend (11 hours in the cold, wind and rain). Good luck with your double century.

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Charleston, South Carolina
I like the kiddie bikes.  Here's my semi-custom framed race machine! Cool

[Image: fDa1lcV.jpg]

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Love to bike and try to ride to work once a week (it will be more once my son's baseball ends this week). Luckily there is a really good bike trail (Little Miami Bike Trail) that I can use for most of the commute. I ride a Specialize Allez with rack on the back to carry my computer and clothes. If I can break away on the weekends I will ride. I have done a number of centuries but never a double. Good luck.

If anyone uses Garmin - I am Cincinnatus1911.
All the best with your double century. I've never done one, but I am an avid rider - both rec riding and commuting.

I'm into classic and vintage bikes, so my bikes are all steel. I have a 711 team Serotta handmade by Ben Serotta, a custom-made Waterford, and a couple of older bikes (a Schwinn and a Trek). I used to have several more, but pared down before moving from MA to WA.

My big challenge this year is to make the round-trip up Mt. Baker. It will be 140 miles and solo. The climb is something like 6500 feet totally.

I was well on my way to doing that last year, climbing about 4500 feet on my longer rides, but then I suffered an IT Band injury that put paid to my riding for many months. It is a really annoying injury, as I could only rest and hope for the best. I'm slowly ramping up my rides this year. We'll see if the knee holds up.

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[Image: eK6VNrl.jpg]My bike looks something like this. It has only one speed.

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