2019 DFS LE - Eleven Soap & Aftershave Splash is now LIVE! Read more here!!


Arizona, USA

Cyber Monday is HERE!

Greetings Friends, and a big Happy Holidays to you and yours! Man oh man, do we have some fun stuff in store for you today.

~ Limited Edition Classic Sci-Fi Mugs
~ Traditional Shaving Starter Kits
~ A Killer Eau De Parfum Sale
~ The Return of Creosote Aftershave
~ New Crown King & Phoenix Shirts on Sale
~ Classic Frog Blade Bank Sale
~ The Majestic 5 Sale (more about this below!)

Epic Starter Kits!

Looking to get friends and relatives into the hobby or just making a valiant effort to show them a better way? If so, this is the kit for you. Honestly, I really think this is the best gift of the season for anyone!

Fully self contained in a handsome, magnetic clasp gift box, it contains everything one needs to get started; 1 Symmetry Straight Bar Razor, 1 Two Ounce CK-6 Ultra Premium Shave Soap, 1 One Ounce Aftershave/Cologne, 1 Green Ray Tribble Hybrid Synth Shaving Brush, Instructions, and 2.5 months worth of blades! A $60 Value!

The Majestic 5

Dapper Doc's ~ High Jump 47 ~ Solstice ~ Red Planet ~ Speakeasy

From Star Jelly to Aftershave/Colognes, to EDPs and Shave Soaps. If it is one of the Majestic 5 take off 15% by using the discount code: Cyber15...simple as that!

These scents have really been some customer favorites over the years. I mean it, many a strange esoteric cult has formed around each...and that could only be good, right? So if you have yet to try one of these classics, scoop one up now and Save Big!

HUGE Eau De Parfum Sale!

It's true, if you are a fan of our EDPs or just curious, once again simply use the Discount Code: Cyber15 and BOOM...instant Savings!

Some other Highlights: Creosote is back for a moment but very limited by its nature! Frog Blade Banks on sale for $5.95, Some NEW T-shirt Designs Starting at $12! New Ugly Sweater Sweatshirts on offer! Special Limited Edition Classic Sci Fi Mugs and one more time....Killer Starter Kits that will really make an impression on that newb!

You've waited all year for this, Check It Out! Happy Holidays My Friends!

Shave On & Stay Groovy!

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