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Starting with the presentation, ahem, packaging. Undoubtedly the finest of any artisan and rivaling, even dare I say, surpassing most commercial shave soaps. Not only is the design of the label fresh and new, but it appears that the actual label itself is constructed of different material. A matte finish and what looks like a expensive type of waterproof coating. The design is simple, yet elegant and I find the logo of the stylized brush complete with lathered coated bristles quite charming. Sturdy metal tin, wonderfully wide to easily facilitate the loading of my beloved big brushes. A man's container, simple as that. A refreshing departure from the plastic tubs that dominate the market. The included 'Thank You' card in the white envelope and black seal complete with the capital 'O' like an invitation to a special event requiring a white dinner jacket and black tie. As a whole, it exudes class and sophistication while setting the stage for what promises to be a truly special shave.

Simply holding the tin while removing the lid, this soap feels special, like a faceted gemstone with no rough edges. Something to treasure! Colonia Mediterrania is the scent and oh, what a wonderful scent it is. Perfectly captured is it's namesake. Citrus and peppery florals, warm sun and sea, soft browned earth. Destined to be a classic.

I loaded my dampish and dear Simpson Chubby 3 Super for sixty seconds, dipping the tips under droplets of water three times. Building within the steel tin was a shining, shimmering protolather. Soft, scents of cypress and sea air carrying a lemony floral on it's sun drenched breeze greeted me gently with each swirl of the soft, whitish grey badger hair tips. Taking the loaded brush to my face and beginning with a light circular motion, the soap filled tips came alive, building with ease a generous amount of silky, smooth, billowing goodness. An epic lather, really, you can feel the skin loving olive oil and soft buttery kokum, gentle and nurturing. Realizing I was hanging on to the brush handle with a firm grip as I began to experience a slickness never encountered before, ever! I could feel the sensation of the brush tips physically change as I switched to light painting strokes. The tips actually felt as one large lubricous mass, gliding across my face. A thick, coating of dense lather was the reward, easily accomplished and with little effort.

My trusted Theirs-Issard straight razor with it's Sheffield steel was the chosen tool for this mornings shave. Taking time to fully enjoy the experience, two passes with a touch up were completed with zero drama. Slickness and protection, the cornerstones of any enjoyable and successful straight razor shave were abundant. Residual slickness, glide, cushion, all were present and accounted for. Rinsing my face with cool water while marveling at the extremely close yet comfortable shave just accomplished, I felt a softness and suppleness to my skin that was remarkable. Truly! A mounding of stable, well hydrated was extracted from the brush and using this I washed my hands. The back of my hands began to take on the same softness as I was experiencing on my face. Outstanding!

I'm going on the record and saying as others have before me, this soap is a game changer. On it's best day it is as good as any soap that has come before it. This morning I had one of those days. This is a soap meant to be cherished and respected.

I thank you for your time friends!

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Welcome to DFS. It's always good to find a soap you can enjoy.
Welcome to DFS Chopper. Interesting first post! Happy to see that you found a soap that you like.

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Chopper, why not introduce yourself in the Introductions thread and thank you for your take on CRSW, a brand I have yet to try (though it is on my list Smile ).

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Excellent review of a great product made by a great guy.

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(03-04-2016, 11:49 PM)Hobbyist Wrote: Welcome to DFS. It's always good to find a soap you can enjoy.

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Okay, Chopper, with that rather vague review, I'm putting you down as a "somewhat like it" user!  Big Grin  Seriously, welcome aboard. That you'll like it here is a given.
Does Mean I Must Buy High End Shaving Gear?

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