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An atypical hard soap 

Zero foam yet very lubricating


I was gifted this soap as a present. I had the choice between Indian Sandalwood, West Indian Lime and Moroccan Myrrh. All three fragrances are very particular, complex, very masculine, woodsy, except the lime that has, to my nose, a slightly medicinal odour I don't care for. I've chosen the Moroccan Myrrh because it has a deep, oriental, mysterious, unique fragrance, I haven't anything similar to it. On the packaging, the soap is described has having "A distinguished fragrance of myrrh blended with the lively notes of bergamot and cardamom with a warm amber base."

On the company website, Moroccan Myrrh is described as :

  • Top Notes : bergamot, black pepper, petigrain
  • Heart Notes : cardamom, geranium, lavandin
  • Base Notes : myrrh, amber, guaiac wood


The packaging is sober and very masculine. A beautiful teak bowl, made in India, inside a simple, slightly textured, cardboard box. A drawing of traveller on a camel serves as a reminder that initially, myrrh was produced in Yemen (now in Somalia) and sold in Egypt and Europe more than 2000 years ago.

Lather? No, but a lubricating film instead.

This is the most puzzling soap I've ever tried. It produces a thin, evanescent foam, that last for only 15 seconds on the face, no matter how much or how little water I've tried. However, it produces an extremely slick oily film on the skin. At first, I taught this was might be useless because it didn't produce the familiar thick white lather. But, once I got gradually used to the idea it is almost totally transparent, I had absolutely no problem shaving with it. It's weird, but it's very good performer. It leaves my skin very hydrated. 

For me, this is keeper. I am very happy with it.
Great scent !! I have the cream and LOVE IT.

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I tried a superlather with their cream + hard soap. Amazing shave. And, it solves the weird invisible lather issue.

Very interesting. I really like their presentation, just haven't heard a lot of good things about the performance.
I had a very similar experience with West Indian Lime...I just couldn't lather it no matter how hard I tried. After a few failed attempts it ended up being body soap. Nice scent but very poor shaving soap. I have C&E Nomad & Sandlewood and they are no problem to use and lather.

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