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Well, after all the hype for the newly introduced local apple, the Cosmic Crisp, I just had to get one to try.  It is the product of 20 years of research, a cross between a Honeycrisp and an Enterprise.  It is supposed to be extremely sweet, to be slow to brown when cut, and to stand up well to the rigors of baking.  Stay tuned for the taste report...

Addendum: I had a remaining half of a Honeycrisp today, so I'll have a basis for comparison.

[Image: waG6qUI.jpg]

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I wanted to try one of these. Very curious to hear your thoughts.

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I've always liked tart apples over sweet ones.

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Oh boy, I await your report

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I enjoy honeycrisps but they're pricey around here - I'm assuming the cosmiccrisp will be too.

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(12-06-2019, 04:19 PM)Marko Wrote: I enjoy honeycrisps but they're pricey around here - I'm assuming the cosmiccrisp will be too.

The Cosmic Crisp I bought yesterday was $2.29/lb., about 50-60 cents/lb. higher than most of the other apples and I think 20 or 30 cents/lb. higher than Honeycrisps. The checker said that few of the CC had been selling that day after an initial rush when they were first put out on display the day before.

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Report! Report!

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Must have one!
My favorite apple by far is a Gala apple. They are crisp, juicy and delicious. I wish I knew about them years ago. I've only discovered them about 5 years ago. I can't get enough of them. I'm curious to hear how these Cosmic Crisp apples are and how they might compare to the Galas.

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Just too tempting not to click.

Saw the title and MntnMan62 avatar and was sure somewhere in the discussion was going to be, 'Hey there brother, who you jivin' with that cosmic debris.'

Thank you for the heads up on Cosmic Crisp!

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