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This morning was cold. So I keep the wood cookstove burning.
[Image: TL6TOIE.jpg]

This morning I made cranberry bread. Thought I would show the process.
Before letting the dogs out I lit the stove. THe stove is warm from last night but no usable coals so I start from scratch.

I coarsely chop cranberries. Using a very sharp knife and freezing the cranberries allows me to actually chop them without  them shooting off into space.  
[Image: cyTpELK.jpg]

Next I go downstairs check the fire. It is burning well so I slide a damper knob to heat the oven. This directs the flue gases around the oven chamber heating it up.
[Image: i31R4GL.jpg]

I measure and mix my dry ingredients.
[Image: TdGGpfI.jpg]

I check the oven again. it is still a little cooler than needed so I take a 10 minute break.
Then I add liquid ingredients and make the bread batter.
[Image: kzArhZ7.jpg]

I fold in the cranberries and transfer the batter to a cast iron bread pan.
[Image: lyHlkKx.jpg]

Cast iron is good for woodstove cooking. It holds the heat and can help modulate the fluctuating oven temperatures.
Into the oven it goes.
[Image: Uq9xTBM.jpg]

Next is "the dance". I clip a kitchen timer to me and set it to go off every 10 minutes. I do this to check on the bread and the oven temp. I add wood as needed. I rotate and change the breadpan's position in the oven. I adjust the dampers to control the burn. If the oven gets too hot I simply open the door to cool it off.

It sounds like a lot of work but really is not. Mostly I am just checking.

The bread is done.
[Image: KjOnVWc.jpg]

I do believe the Old Spice apron improves my cooking Smile The timer is visible clipped onto the apron. It keeps me on task.

It turned out well.
[Image: SUnJRI3.jpg]

Lastly (and I do not do this step every time - only as needed) I coat the cast iron pan with a little oil and put it back in the oven to season.
[Image: NMW5UEo.jpg]

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Lovely photos, Phil and you guys surely know how to enjoy your time. The bread looks delicious. Shy

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