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Anybody have suggestions or recommendations for good cooking magazines.

Brian ( ShadowsDad  ) mentioned "Cooks Illustrated" and "Cook's Country" in the Crockpot Express Thread

These are part of a food empire that include PBS cooking show Americas Test Kitchen and Cook's Country.  We get both of those magazines and fine them tops in the field. No advertisements. They explain the entire process of developing the recipe and then give a recipe. You can read all the hows and whys to further your cooking skills/knowledge or you can simply follow the recipe.

Another favorite is "Cuisine at Home". Very similar to the above mentioned mags. Except with photographs - not the line illustrations found in the above.

I recommend all 3 of these.

I have tried others over the years starting with "women's magazines" like "Good Housekeeping" and "Better Homes and Gardens". I ALWAYS found good recipes in these types of magazines even though food was not the sole focus. However there were so many ad pages it made following the recipes hard. I mean you start on page 57 turn 2 pages of advertisements to page 61 and then continue in the back on page 112!!! I let those subscription lapse.

I tried "Gourmet" magazine. A NYC based magazine and so NYC-centric as to be laughable. They had advice columns. Once they scolded someone for leaving less than a 50% tip. Once someone wrote asking for kitchen gadget suggestions for a gift. They suggested a refurbished hand cranked antique meat slicer - for a mere $15,000. Gee when I think of kitchen gadgets I think of potato peelers or whisks - not $15,000 items. Plus for such a snobby approach they had a propensity for using prepared or pre-packaged food. No magazine named "Gourmet" should start a recipe with "Purchase  a supermarket roaster chicken". I only received this for a year. They have since stopped printing.

Someone gave me a subscription to "Food Networkl" magazine. This was ludicrous. I never saw that network though I heard of some of the stars created on it. But I don't care what Rachel Rays kitchen looks like with a source to purchase every item. I don't want my kitchen to look like Rachel's.

Turns out I don't want to cook like her either Big Grin . One recipe was for quick lasagna.  Lasagna is a labor of love and takes time. Time shortening tips are always welcomed. Well this quick lasagna was frozen raviolis laid flat in a baking pan and layered with jarred sauce. Really?? In a cooking mag??

Lastly I loathe the internet for recipe searches. Every recipe site follows they same format. Useless pics and tons of adds that make the page load amazingly slow. The internet is my last option.

Well that turned into a rant.

Your ideas of good mags are welcomed.

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I don't get it and haven't seen one but Fine Cooking might be worthwhile. They do allow the download of a free small online cookbook (or they did) if one goes to their site. They also have a show on PBS and the tips given at the end of the show are worthwhile. The show itself is just OK, but it's less about cooking and more about watching folks cook local foods and then eating it.

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Serious Eats has some very decent recipes and is good at detailing techniques, IMO. After all, Kenji was a ATK apprentice.

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Taste of Home is another decent mag' for down home recipes. Phil, how does Pinterest load for you? They have oodles of stuff. I should probably join.

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We've subscribed to Fine Cooking from Issue #1 and I've found it to be excellent in the early years, however, with reformatting its slipped a little in the last few years but we still look forward to getting it. There are some very well worn issues in the recipe book shelf. The articles written by professionals including recipes have always been excellent. I also like Cooks Illustrated.

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