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I relearned a lesson over the last couple days that I had forgotten. I ordered a scuttle in Waterfall pattern from Sara Bonnyman, and somewhat surprisingly, she sent it immediately, prior to receiving any payment. However, when it arrived, I was surprised to find that it did not look at all like the one pictured on her website. So I have returned it and paid the $25 return shipping cost to Canada. It was my fault, since I should have asked her to provide an image of the exact scuttle I was going to receive, and I paid the price for my error. Unfortunately, it also cost her the price of the initial shipping to me. From now on I am going to try to remember to ask for an image of whatever it is I am going to receive, be it a scuttle, a brush, etc.

I want to emphasize that this is not a criticism of Sara. She has been very helpful, and I usually like her products. I have had a number of different scuttles - including Dirty Bird, Georgetown Pottery, Becker, and SWK - and a Moss scuttle in Anniversary Slate from Sara is the only one I have kept at this point. It is wonderful.

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In one of my recent bst sales of a brush, I got a sarcastic comment saying I posted too many pictures in the listing. I thought it was a funny comment considering I am only doing a service to a potential buyer to see EXACTLY what they are getting before they express any interest. But your post is a good reminder that sometimes we want to buy and have something but if it is handmade, it doesn't hurt to see the exact item before you purchase.

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