What do you consider Complex in the soap world?

Many of you will say Barrister and Mann but there is many more artisans out there with complex scents!

When I started wetshaving I would have considered CRSW Bergamot and Bay a complex scent, I have somewhat honed my nose now and I find it particularly basic, great, but basic.

I never originally enjoyed complex scents, I don't know why but it might have been something to do with so many components being mashed together and I could never pick anything specific out.

However I think that may have changed, my newly trained nose can pick out a lot - probably enhanced by my other hobby wine tasting.

Anyway I would probably consider complex to be soaps with five or more components. What about you?

For the record these are two scents that I find complex like very much.
[Image: dhIMRI8.jpg]

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Oli, there are so many complex soaps/scents, right now.

B&M has quite a few, Mystic Water, Cold River, Jabonman/Eufros, also, to name a few.

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I hate complex scent descriptions. One well known "artisan" soap has nine scents in it. I got - orange. So say its orange.

Thats my opinion and I'm sticking to it!

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Mason Boutique has some fairly complex scents as well.

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I think B&M Rhapsody is very complex, and one of the few with a pear note. I cannot pick out the other florals in it individually, but I know I like it.
I also think Chiseled Face Sherlock is complex, with a honey, smoke, and others.
Perhaps the granddaddy of all complex soap scents (just due to age) is Tabac. I don't know if anyone has described every scent in it yet.

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Re Tabac scent complexity: true, dat.

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For me very few would qualify as complex AND competent - a messy jumble of notes doesn't quite come across as "complex" to me.

Barrister & Mann (mentioned already) is great since many of his scents are both complex and competent - of B&M's line, my pick would be Vetyver Santal.

Probably my current favorite of this style would be Nuavia Blu, which has a wonderful depth to it and was clearly composed by a skilled perfumer. And of course there are the fragrance brands, such as Creed and Penhaligon's, that produce complex fragrances that they use to scent their soaps.

Edit: if creams count, I'd certainly add Acqua di Parma and XPEC.

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Complex scents are often very divisive and I'm one that tends to like them. Tabac and Xpec are two such scents that everyone who has encourtered these products tends to have a strong opinion on -- or no sense of smell! Wink

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I definately under stand where you are coming from NeoXerxes . A good complex soap does have to be competent or they do end up as a bit of a mess. I agree this is where Barrister and Mann shines.

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(04-26-2016, 07:18 PM)tdmsu Wrote: Perhaps the granddaddy of all complex soap scents (just due to age) is Tabac.  

Tabac is the new kid on the block from 1959?

Old Spice has been reported to have at least 18 scents, actually more because the individual spices are never listed. It is from 1938.

Eucris might be the real granddaddy, from 1912.

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