Ohio USA
Just a general notification for future purchases from Knothead Brush Works. There will be the ability to purchase your choice of knot to be set in any of my handles. This will be facilitated by using a link in my offering to Maggards Razors, which supplies many different knots. You will order and purchase directly from Brad (Maggard), and the knot will be shipped directly to me for installation. The cost of the knot is whatever Maggard has listed, so there is no additional profit involved for Knothead Brush Works. I will install for no-charge and will require your preference for loft height. 
You are not required to purchase a knot from Maggards, or any other source, and can receive the handle without.
I am in hopes that this will benefit, and make it easier for you, in making your choice for your next Shaving Brush. 
Thank all of you who have supported Knothead Brush Works and to those that will in the future.

Tim "Knothead" Shaffer

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