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I'm a bit confused about these 2 plates. My Timless SS .68 is very smooth and one of my favorites; the .95 is pretty aggressive. SoI'm not sure of the matching between the .38 or the .78.

Obviously for many the .38 was too mild, and the .78 is pretty aggresive.

Can anyone compare the Bronze models to the SS models.

Many Thanks
~Bill Wood
I can only compare the Bronze 38 with the SS 95. Remembering that these are entirely different configurations which render assumptions about gap meaningless , I find the 38 smoother than the 95 and on par in terms of efficiency. On the most demanding part of my shave, going ATG in my head, the Bronze is noticeably more effective. I'll likely buy a 68 plate though there's nothing lacking with the 38.

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If you find the .95 aggressive, then the .78 would probably be even more so. The bronze seems to have more of a positive blade exposure feel to me. If you want smooth like the .68, and want their bronze, then I would suggest .38. These are just my experiences with them. Also, I found the .95 aggressive when I started with my Timeless, and got a .68 OC, but then I tried the SB .95 again later and love it. I like both .68 and .95, and the SB just seems super smooth to me
I shaved with the .78 this evening. Drew a little bit of blood........again! For me, .78 is extremely smooth with the handle almost parallel to the floor yet I still end up with a weeper or two. I also have the .95oc and it is extremely smooth and I do not draw blood with it even if I rush the shave.
To me, the .78 bronze is quite a bit more "aggressive" than any other Timeless razor with lots more blade feel.

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I have found the Bronze .38 to be very smooth and efficiency similar to the SS .68. The .74 OC is not as smooth as the SS .95 but with a good cautious shave it is more efficient than the 95. As much as I loved the look of the bronze I recently sold it, as it just wasn’t giving me that really enjoyable shave.
I bought the bronze open comb the week it came out and sold it shortly thereafter. Although my SECOND .78 still bites me, I enjoy the shave with it. It is extremely efficient but also smooth to me.

I agree with the comments that the .78 bronze open comb is more "aggressive," or likely to bite, than the .95 stainless open comb. I have both. On my face, using my hand to shave, I get a better shave with the bronze--closer, and longer-lasting. The aggressiveness is perhaps due to the immense weight, coupled with a deceptive absence of blade feel. I think I have a tendency to apply undue pressure with the bronze, as the feel of the blade is very minor. When coupled with the weight of the bronze, disasters can happen unless one is careful about pressure. Just my impression.

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