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Today was the Commonwealth Pen Show in a suburb of Boston. The show re-started 5 years ago and ML and I have attended every year.
[Image: 3vCW8TU.jpg]

We browsed and stopped at every table. Except for Nathan Tardiff's. He is the founder of Noodler's Ink and his table is swamped.

This is a pic of ML holding our purchases at the show.
[Image: IXmIawy.jpg]

Our haul for the day:
In the center are two bottles of a Noodler's Ink commemorative ink - Boston Brahmin Ship of the Line. Along with the Commonwealth Pen Show buttons, these were handed out to all attendees.
The pens from the left:
Waterman Laureat fountain pen.
Laban necklace pen.
Laban Mother of Pearl Rainbow in red.
[Image: rlUS7Nn.jpg]

The Waterman is stamped "sample" on the cap and was a salesmen sample. It is new in box never used. So I guess new old stock. It caught ML's eye and she went back to that table 3 times. On the 4th trip she negotiated a price 50% less than marked Happy What a woman!!
It is a gold plated stainless steel Medium nib. It writes really well. ML falling in love with a red pen is most unusual. 98% of her pens are blue. But she was certainly taken this one.
[Image: jr0U5cs.jpg]

The Laban necklace pen is ML's 3rd necklace pen. The other 2 are from the 1910's. This is modern vintage as Laban is only 37 years old. This pen is too small for a converter so ML put a generic blue cartridge in. It is a two tone stainless steel Medium nib.This writes like a dream. It is a very thin line for a medium. I like it.
[Image: LUQGf6V.jpg]

Lastly is the Laban mother of pearl. This one was for me. It has stainless steel medium nib. I prefer fine nibs but this one works for me. It is a large but comfortable pen. It is beautiful to look at.
[Image: Izm6X38.jpg]

All in all it was a great day. We always enjoy our time at this show.

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Use them in good health, Phil. There are some real beauties there. Smile

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Very nice pens - enjoy!

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