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2019 DFS Movember LE - Viking Shaving Brush. Read more here!!

[Image: P6250490_zpsaatihzxr.jpg]

[Image: P6250491_zpsfvsl1xjn.jpg]

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(06-25-2019, 04:21 PM)ChiefBroom Wrote: [Image: P6250490_zpsaatihzxr.jpg]

[Image: P6250491_zpsfvsl1xjn.jpg]

What is the graphic on the Vesuvius handle? They both look incredible.
(06-25-2019, 06:37 PM)boilerphan Wrote: What is the graphic on the Vesuvius handle?  They both look incredible.

The graphic on the Vesuvius handle is a representation of Vesuvius. Cody's wife Courtney drew it for us.

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I couldn't see the Vesuvius graphic too well on my phone, but saw it larger on my laptop. Awesome job!!

Just when I think I have enough brushes, another temptation surfaces. Vesuvius is always especially cool for me due to my love of authentic San Marzano tomatoes!

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FWIW, there will be 10-12 x 28 mm PKs in each of the two materials and 4-6 x 28 mm ElDos. Also a few 26 mm Chiefs, but they all have standard backside engravings.

We're going to do this release a little differently. There will be a dedicated page for the 28 mm Vesuvius brushes and another for the 28 mm Phantasia brushes. Photos of each brush will be included on its respective page, which will allow selection and purchase of a brush without navigating a drop-down menu for multiple instances of a particular variant (i.e., style, size, material combination). It will still be a race to payment for each brush.

Cody will probably release the 28 mm Vesuvius brushes an hour or two earlier than the 28 mm Phantasias. We haven't decided how to drop the Chiefs yet. He's processing the photos now. When that's done and he has the pages built, I'll put up an announcement with all the details on our website and post links in all the usual places. We're aiming for this Saturday. Times aren't quite settled yet.

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