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I see many different types of razors, and I see that some have combs on them? What is the purpose of the comb if you are shaving? Does anyone have a preference?

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It's one of the items on a razor that defines the geometry of the blade against the face.

I far prefer an open sort of comb, that includes a "closed" comb on a SE razor since that type of comb is actually open. It was just (IMO) misnamed.

Only safety razors have combs as it prevents the razor from reaching the teeth or an artery in the event of operator error. The comb is what makes a safety razor.

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I rather the closed comb, but I have a few open comb that I through into my rotation. You have to be more careful with the open comb because the blade seems to ride closer to your skin and they are a bit more aggressive.

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Aside from the blade angle mentioned above, a straight bar razor will push hair over to cut it. An open comb razor will allow the hair to stand up to be cut. I find that after a few days of grow, I vastly prefer an OC head for the first "mow down" pass.

Maggards has nice OC razors on the cheap. If you're interested, it shouldn't be much to pick one up.

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