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I am unable to wear colognes because my skin does not tolerate them. I have made some of my own aftershaves by diluting colognes, but I have never been completely satisfied with them. So I am left wishing that commercial aftershaves were made to match some of the colognes whose fragrances I really like. For instance, I wish that splash aftershaves were made by Creed, that Houbigant still made aftershaves, and that Penhaligon's still made Lords, Racquets Club, Castile, and English Fern aftershaves.

Are there cologne fragrances that you wish were made as aftershaves?
Do what Dean Martin used to do with his favorite cologne, Woodhue by Fabergé: mix a little water in with the cologne in your cupped hands and then apply like an AS.
The good people of this world are very far from being satisfied with each other and my arms are the best peacemakers.

Samuel Colt, letter to Charles Manby, May 18, 1852

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