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The Perfect Holiday Gift!

"When you tell everybody that you don't like bay rum and Douglas Smythe makes a liar out of you...this stuff is killer!"
~ Kenny Comeaux

A Collectible Stoneware Jug?

Yes indeed my friends! Being that Atomic Age Bay Rum is so near and dear to me I really wanted to do something special, classic and what I call, Rustic-Futuristic! [thanks to hashtag #RetroFuturistic I now realize I was not the first to coin this...drat!]

Aside from collecting vintage razors I am also really into antique stoneware whiskey jugs...they fascinate me! Seaforth and a few other brands dabbled with stoneware but it really wasn't until I stumbled upon a true rarity that I would be moved into action. One day while hunting in the wild (antiquing) I stumbled upon a tiny, empty blue jug of aftershave by Captain Cooke, "Blue Lightening"!

What an odd find...
I had never heard of the brand nor when it was from but I was immediately inspired to do my own. Was this a missing link? I had the urge to raise this hearty little jug to the heavens and scream, "This belongs in a museum!". Instead I just thought it to myself with satisfaction.
As you can see in the photo (on site) the print was a bit worn and tough to read. All I can kind of make out is "Cap. Cooke's"...but even that could be wrong. Regardless, I was on the quest now to recreate such an obscure relic!

For a brief moment in time the stoneware industry played a huge part in how we lived here in the USA! From food storage, to bed pans (or Thunder Mugs) to Whiskey Jugs & more! It was on the outskirts of most towns and villages where you would find a potter's shop set up next to the natural clay deposits and a river...everything they needed to make their magic happen!
They served the local community mostly until modes of transportation evolved making it easier to ship goods. Soon competition got out of hand when larger operations came onto the scene that could produce faster and cheaper, essentially crushing smaller potters. It really was a race to the bottom from there.

The death knell for Stoneware, especially these classic whiskey jugs, was prohibition. Would it be more than ironic to raise a toast to stoneware?

Preparing these bad boys has been no small feat either! I personally have filled, corked and wax sealed all of these by hand. It has really given me a peek into how things were done in the not too distant past! [It's also given me blisters & burns...that are healing nicely.] At the end of the day, this just seems like a fitting extension of an already super handcrafted product. There's no doubt in my mind you will experience all the heart and soul that went into Atomic Age with every splash!

Included with this jug is one orifice reducer if you care to use one, rather than "thumb it" over the mouth of the jug. That said, if you do use it, you will need to remove it before you re-cork it. The only way around this was having threads added to the jug and using a screw cap rather than a cork...which would immediately kill the vintage vibe I was going for. I also included a Decorative, Custom Screen Printed Cork to be used when the jug is empty and kept as a display piece! This will add to the collectibility of these pieces in the future, so keep that cork someplace safe till it's empty!

Just a few things that make Atomic a very different Kind of Bay Rum
• Zero Clove (Find out why below)
• 5 Years in development
• Charred Oak Barrel Aged
• Scent Notes Blended to Balance
• Made with West Indian Bay Hydrosol
• Made w/ Face Saving Ingredients:
• Hedione Seaweed Extract, Liquid Silk, & Aloe Vera

Try Something Different ~ Phoenix Shaving

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“If I asked for a cup of coffee, someone would search for the double meaning” – Mae West

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Very cool Douglas.

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(12-04-2019, 08:44 PM)Lipripper660 Wrote: Very cool Douglas.

Thank you very much sir! (and Happy Holidays!)
“If I asked for a cup of coffee, someone would search for the double meaning” – Mae West

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