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Cold River Soap Works Review: Jardin d’Orange

Short version: Get some!

Performance: 10/10
Scent: 10/10
Value: 9/10
Ingredients: 10/10

Longer version:
I had tried a sample of CRSW soap a few months ago, but this is my first whole tub of the Select formula.  I like to bloom my soaps by putting a little hot water on the top while I brush my teeth and prep my face.  I then load the soap with a dry brush and face lather.  I’ve tried this soap with my H.I.S. synthetic “Lather Monster,” and with my Simpsons X2L Colonel.  In both cases, the soap loaded very quickly and easily from the tub and built nicely on my face.  The resulting lather is slick and yogurty, providing great protection.  The razor glides smoothly as it reduces my stubble.  CRSW really shines and distinguishes itself in post shave feel.  The combination of goat milk and lanolin seems to be a very good one for my face.  Even before I apply a balm or splash, my skin feels moisturized, calm and smooth.  The lather is as good as any soap I’ve used, and the post shave feel is easily equal to or better than MWF and B&M.  Performance: 10/10

The scent of this soap is a multilayered complex one that changes during the shave.  It starts out with a non-sweet citrus, like a mixture of orange and grapefruit, then more warm woody type notes appear.  There are other things going on in there which elude my ability to describe.  To summarize, this is a very pleasing scent with a nice complexity.  Fresh and masculine, something I would use as a cologne.  Scent: 10/10

CRSW is a premium level soap that was criticized in the past for a premium price of $25 for six ounces.  Recently they addressed this issue by offering the same soap at $17 for 4 ounces, which is nearly the same per ounce cost, but in an amount and total price point that is more attractive to more shavers.  Since the soap lathers so easily, the tub will last a long time.  In my opinion, the performance of this soap justifies the price, especially considering other vaunted soaps that command a much higher price for similar performance.  Value: 9/10

The ingredients of this soap are impressive: goat milk, shea and kokum butters, tallow and lanolin.  These might as well be hall of fame ingredients for me.  The artisan adds silk and vitamin E to add even more slickness and skin care.  This is my first goat milk soap, and I think its a winner.  Ingredients: 10/10
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