Yesterday morning was a record for me Minus 23 F.

[Image: ldFiQrp.jpg]

It was a crisp day so we took some pics. This shows the plow piles from the driveway. They are pushed well onto the yard to give room for more snowfalls.
[Image: GP2z6sE.jpg]

We took a drive so ML could get pictures. Here she uses the sunroof of the car to her advantage.
[Image: vPkzZGo.jpg]

This is the picture she took.
[Image: QFUe8Kp.jpg]

Today was warmer but overcast. We had 2 deer visit us. They still have plenty of body fat and look good.

[Image: iWE3gAh.jpg]

This one makes it look like it is very windy. But it is not. Plus the temp is a balmy 22 F.
[Image: UQppcGz.jpg]

All the reachable food is gone. This one lunges to reach something edible.
[Image: AdrMc0M.jpg]

The pictures of the deer were taken through a screened window. Not bad considering.

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Central Maine
I think it was the coldest night of this winter. We "only" got down to -18°. You also have more snow than we do. Don't read any of those as a complaint on my part. This winter has been awfully good so far but of course it can change in a heartbeat and become the winter from hell. I don't think we've used even 1/4 of one rack of wood yet. (We only burn wood when it's going to be below 20° for an extended period).

The sun is noticeably higher in the sky and is starting to have some warmth in it. Plus the day is noticeably lengthening... all good signs.

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Philadelphia, PA
I love the cold weather, I truly do, but damn is -23F COLD!

I'd be in total bliss if it was around 40-55F all year long...

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

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Seattle, WA
I remember unfondly a few days in Spokane with temperatures of minus 20 F, including one windy day during which we lost the electrical power (and heat) at our house out in the countryside and thought we were going to have to go into town to spend the night in a hotel. Fortunately the power came back on before dark. The dog did NOT want to go outside to do her "duty". My blood gradually "thickened" during my years there so that I was more tolerant of the cold, but it has "thinned" again now after years in Seattle.

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Same here!  About 50 to 55 with sunshine is perfect weather

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Philadelphia, PA
(02-18-2020, 01:35 AM)HoosierShave Wrote: Same here!  About 50 to 55 with sunshine is perfect weather

indeed! I don't even mind the occasional rain or wind. I cannot stand summer though...at all.

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

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A purifying cold.  Good for what ails you  Happy2

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