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I just ordered a bottle last night from amazon.
After much review searching and side by side compairisons I have found this cologne is equal to creed aventus. If you buy and wear and buy creed aventus please don't bash, I can not afford 350 a bottle for it and from what I read this is the next best thing.
The longevity is there, the projection is there the scent is amazing, some reviewers have both creed and armaf club de nuit and actually rather the scent over creed.
So if you on a budget and would like to have this fragrance, do a search for it on amazon it sells for 50 bucks for 3.6 ounce bottle. I have a sample bottle of creed, when I get the armaf in I will do a side by side for myself as well.

I cant wait!
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Mail call !
Its here, and Im excited, smells great! Just like Creed Aventus.
Just sprayed a test spray on my hand so cant comment on projection and longevity but the smell is amazing.
I have been wearing Creed Aventus all last week and over the weekend, this Armaf version is identical for a fraction of the cost.

[Image: armaf.jpg]
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