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The listed prices include shipping in CONUS.  I'm the original owner of all.  All will be shipped in original packaging. If you have any questions, or need additional pictures, please let me know.

1. Yates Merica Ti (as-machined finish) - $135 (new it is $190 but doesn't appear as if the Ti element engraving is an option right now for the top cap).  I have used it for about 5 shaves.
[Image: dzoastH.jpeg]
[Image: 8M5BpIg.jpeg]
[Image: CiXskxd.jpeg]

2. Muhle Rocca Birch Bark razor (R95) and brush (sold together) - $140 for both.  New prices range from $250 to $285 from US vendors.  You can get it from Europe for around $186 (not including shipping).  I have used the razor for 5 to 10 shaves.  I may have used the brush once or twice.  Brush has the Muhle silvertip fiber knot.
[Image: qaY8bmw.jpeg]
[Image: EUjZnDx.jpeg]
[Image: jk9kEWX.jpeg]
[Image: 3zNLs50.jpeg]

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