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Offering here two rare specimen - NOS Yardley and RL Safari tallow shaving soaps. Both are sealed and the Safari still has a very potent scent.  I am not sure, which price would be appropriate and would like to begin with $150 for the two delivered CONUS. 

If I am way off, please send me a PM with your informed opinion and I will adjust as necessary.

Safari is sold. 

Yardley and Talbot - $87 shipped CONUS

Thank you,

[Image: c2UtqDS.jpg]

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The legendary Yardley
Thank you for the feedback on pricing! Reduced as suggested to $150 for the two.

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Exclusive deal: whomever first claims the Yardley and Safari by 5:00PM EST this Sunday gets a bonus - reduced price to $127 and twice used Talbot’s. Howick  Hall 

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Additional reduction in price. See above
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Safari is sold. The Yardley and Talbot remain. Price for both $87 shipped CONUS
Talbot is gone. Take yardley for $66 delivered CONUS
Reduction on Yardley NOS - $60 CONUS

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