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I am looking to expand my ever growing collection Aftershaves.  Interested in ones with scents that last a while, but no menthol.  Here is what I have to trade:

Ginger's Garden Aftershave - British Empire - Used dimes size amount the line indicates level.  Retails for $15 + Shipping
The New York Shaving Company - Lavender - New Unused - Retails $20 + Shipping
Reef Point - Aviator - Used Once - $13.99 + Shipping TRADED

[Image: WHfmI5s.jpg]
[Image: l2uDdQX.jpg]
[Image: DO23tat.jpg]
[Image: A9Vjerx.jpg]
[Image: PUDSEqX.jpg]
[Image: WSxLuWS.jpg]
Still looking to trade for any aftershave splash without menthol

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