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Hi folks!

This one should go fast, but I have a GENUINE horn Morris and Forndran in 3-Band @ 26mm.

I don't own a pair of caliper so I'm not sure about the loft, but I hope the pictures convey it well.

The Natural Horn has been preserved with mineral oil after use and is part of a larger rotation, but every time it comes up I can't bear the thought of using it.... I hope it moves on to a home that will both love AND use it!

Price: $260 Shipped w/ Signature Confirmation to a verified PayPal address only.

Trade: looking for double edge hardware. Tardere, full stainless steel pils with steel stand, ect.

Feather shavette

Ok for cash to make up cost difference.

(already have wolfman, bbs1, toggles, blackbirds, other readily available Razors, ect)

[Image: TAiR2yG.jpg]

[Image: AZSCIyf.jpg]

[Image: YwPaHkX.jpg]

[Image: XxbRM33.jpg]

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
GLWTS! Fellows this is a great brush. I own the same and the horn is just beautiful.

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Curiosity, what's the total height ?
Also willing to trade for hardware or unobtabuoum software.
Absolutely beautiful!

You know, I'd probably be all over this one if it wasn't for the genuine horn.Too much upkeep with the oiling, and is more fragile than resin or wood.

Chazz Reinhold HOF
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Len   Yes, but is a beauty.  I have the two band Finest.  Is not really that much work to maintain, but you are right about been fragile. I definitely handle it with care.

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Update to trade

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