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Oakland, ME
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I have for trade a very lightly used (4 times) tin of Cold River Soap Works' Sensitive V.2 ($16.50 new)

I am looking for Barrister & Mann Unscented or Mystic Water Soaps Lime.

Others I am somewhat interested in include LA Shaving Co. Plain, or Sapone Di Paolo Inodoro.

I have or have tried the following and don't need any more at this time:
MWS Sensitive Skin
Strop Shoppe Unscented
Maggard Razors Artisan Unscented
MRA Limes & Bergamot
Stirling Naked & Smooth
Shannon's Soaps Nil
Mike's Natural Soaps Unscented

Thanks for looking!   Smile

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- Eric 
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