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Trying to clear stuff out that I don't use much to make room for more. All prices negotiable though PM.

  • I have a cased Schick Type J with instructions and blade dispenser. The razor is in very good condition, including the plating. When I bought it, it seemed to be rarely used and I've only used it a handful of times. A very comfortable, mild shaver. - $25 shipped SOLD
  • K1 Gillette Slim Adjustable - Replated in Rhodium by Above the Tie. I bought this second-hand last year and have been reaching for it less. It is in very good condition, with even silo doors and safety bars. The dial clicks nicely and the last quarter-turn is smooth with some resistance. - $110 shipped

  • Catie's Bubbles Le Marche du Rasage Luxury Cream set - Limited edition run for The Shave Market ~85-90% - $23 shipped SOLD
  • LA Shaving Soap Co. The Black Rose ~85% - $18 shipped
  • Barrister and Mann Adagio set ~85-90% - $32 shipped
Not many here, but there are a couple that I don't particularly care for
  • Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel EdT 1oz - used this 4-5 times - $9 shipped or $6 with the purchase of something else
  • L'Occitane Cèdre & Oranger 2.5oz - Used this maybe 10 times? Still about 90-95% in there - $50 shipped
[Image: T8j3vbg.jpg][Image: oIRZU0y.jpg][Image: WIPLRXn.jpg][Image: KxqHEMr.jpg]
[Image: 1H1OCAx.jpg][Image: rPFQLpn.jpg][Image: 0UIGwEp.jpg][Image: 8uiOudI.jpg][Image: uKZKl3c.jpg][Image: cofZ1Ke.jpg]
[Image: Wm70Ani.jpg]
[Image: CTgOERe.jpg]
[Image: zeDmv3L.jpg]
[Image: 9X5LQzz.jpg]
[Image: z6CYpox.jpg]
Great prices! GLWS!

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