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WTS $250 [Image: y0d6Aur.jpg]

By the way; I have been a good member in this forum with 17 positive feedback.  Yes, I have sold a few razors for a premium and well within my right.  Where does it say one cannot sell at a premium?  Is it written or implied anywhere?  Let me know and I will refrain from doing it again.  I mean no disrespect to any member on here and have done business with many of you in good faith and completed good transactions. But, I’m sure all of you have sold items for more than you purchased originally at one time or another.  If you haven’t then that’s your right.  Apologies as a gentleman!

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You do you man. Hopefully potential buyers also realize that Charcoal Goods now has a bunch of handles in stock on their website for $49 if they’d like to support the artisan rather than rewarding flipping.

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