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Last week I  received from James a WR2 1.25 on a WRH2 90mm in basic/textured polish. I shaved with the razor a couple of times but it did not work out for me as didn’t any of my previously owned BBS1.

I did not like the polished/textured pattern and brushed the three surfaces out of four. The top cap inner surface remains polished. I used my faithful Dremel, which imparts a beautifully even finish.

I would like to exchange my WR2 1.25 head for a WR1 .74 SB head or greater in brushed finish. I would also be open to exchanging the entire razor for another SB Wolfman in a different material - bronze or Ti. I might also consider selling the head or the entire razor depending on your offer.

Please let me know if interested,

[Image: 3EXxuec.jpg][Image: LAU5Aay.jpg][Image: fQkdthy.jpg][Image: dKaZDbj.jpg][Image: xThyylH.jpg][Image: 3bjGwW1.jpg][Image: cXjPQxT.jpg]
The razor is no longer available.

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