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Greetings DFS,

Up for your consideration are two items that I have only owned for a very short period of time and are in perfect condition.

WR1 Sold Pending Funds.

Up first is a razor I have owned for 2 weeks directly from Wolfman.  This Wolfman WR1 .86 OC with rare hybrid WRH3/7 solid handle (BASIC POLISH), was going to sail off with me in retirement next year, but it is complicating my current shaving program.  It is too efficient for me only because I don't need a shave for at least 36 hours after using and I like to shave daily.  In retirement this would not be a big deal, but until I retire next Summer, this WR1 is causing me angst because I want to use it, but then I will not need to shave again for 2 days.  My loss is your gain.  Offering for $400 delivered CONUS.  Includes all original packaging, cloth etc...

[Image: ZMtu70S.jpg]


Next up is a twice used Simpson Duke 3 Faux Sapphire Manchurian.  This brush is just a bit too soft for my liking, so this beauty is going to find a new home (I am firmly in the Shavemac D01-2 Band camp/very dense/lots of backbone).  This brush cost me $315, your price today is $215 delivered CONUS.  I am including the brand new, unopened Simpson Lime cream.  Save yourself $100 today.

[Image: nIhgkbV.jpg]

[Image: oy4sfUw.jpg]
[Image: O9QQtHX.jpg]

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

It's Hedley

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Duke is SOLD!

WR1 Sold pending funds...
Duke is SOLD!

WR1 sold pending funds.

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