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Hi all,

I have this listed on the big auction site but wanted to post it here so it can be offered at a much lower price for hobbyists.  

Up for sale here is my Wolfman OC head on Triad 85x15 Aristocrat style handle.  This razor is a brass OC Wolfman head, believed to be a final prototype before going into production with stainless.  Weighs in at 135 grams with the handle.  This was/is a bit of a Grail combo to me and cost quite a bit to put together.  When combined with the phenomenal Triad handle, this really is a functional piece of art for a wet shaving enthusiast.

$365 through PayPal shipped conus.

Thanks for looking!

[Image: dcfb933e5b8b7146b02179f89e017de5.jpg]

[Image: 73a886d7b8b1d184a4fed5df529d9b60.jpg]

[Image: 9bd348b9f6672f95f8a1e4d7f6eb64f9.jpg]

[Image: c472a9b3abc906634ffc10a6006f187f.jpg]

[Image: 975579a52f62d6a22784fb1ed88854ac.jpg]

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Houston, TX
Good luck with the sale Rob!
Thanks Jesse!
I agree it looks amazing.
Head only anyone? Say $210.
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Head is sold.

$135 takes the handle. That is what I just paid for a new SS Triad with shipping, direct from Toby's Etsy store.

Thanks all!

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