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Ok, for this weekends den clearing offerings I have the following Brushes listed below.

I will consider a trade for a Paladin Beehive Honey Noir or any Varlet Brushes. I am NOT considering trades for any other items.

As usual, all prices include shipping and fees within the US. I will ship overseas, but please understand that it costs approximately $25 to ship to Europe via USPS. I usually end up losing in that deal...but, will try to work with you if it is at all possible.

1) Wolf Whiskers w/ Timberwolf Synthetic - $155 - NOW $135 - SOLD
[Image: E6vrcKi.jpg]
[Image: NwbGQJs.jpg]
[Image: 42rDE0k.jpg]
[Image: EGYZCpo.jpg]

2) Wolf Whiskers RCE w/ TGN HMW - $135 - SOLD
[Image: HPJOd86.jpg]
[Image: CJN3Tu7.jpg]

3) Wolf Whiskers RCE w/ TGN HMW - $135 - NOW $115 - SOLD
[Image: W8wUynD.jpg]
[Image: BwpYslM.jpg]
[Image: XDHsnjh.jpg]

4) Wolf Whiskers Renaissance w/ Envy White 2 Band - $135 - NOW $115 - SOLD
[Image: tzdjaNW.jpg]
[Image: 6HtbdQr.jpg]

5) Simpson Duke 3 Manchurian w/ Faux Grey Marble Handle (No Box) - $175 - NOW $165
[Image: XF5hShE.jpg]
[Image: 9j0KcVw.jpg]

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#2 and #4 SOLD
Discounted remaining items.

The pics could be better on #1 and #3...I will try to post better pics....the colors in those two explode on real life.

Munich area, Germany
PM sent on WW #1 and #3
Better pics to show colors

[Image: W9FkqZ9.jpg]
[Image: vWXvWVx.jpg]
[Image: rcdebZa.jpg]

[Image: xNb4G0s.jpg]
[Image: V0hma6F.jpg]
[Image: Erdusv8.jpg]

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