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Good Morning,

Today I am offering a couple of my Simpsons brushes in order to fund some other purchases.

1. Simpsons QEII Jubilee #149/150   Asking $220

2. Simpsons Truefitt & Hill Faux Tortoise 3-band SiLVERTiP E3   Asking $165

Both brushes are fantastic and have never shed a hair.  Both brushes also come with the original boxes as well.   CONUS Shipping and paypal fees are included in the price.  

[Image: mezl99k.jpg]

[Image: ZOj3CkN.jpg]

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Hi , what are the knot dimensions on the brushes?

(03-19-2016, 10:31 AM)1morepasswill Wrote: Hi , what are the knot dimensions on the brushes?

The Jubilee
Overall brush height (approximately): 90mm
Handle height: 42mm
Knot (approximately): 22 x 48 mm
Simpson Manchurian Badger

T&H E3
Overall brush height (approximately): 112mm
Handle height: 62mm
Knot (approximately): 23 x 50 mm
Simpson 3-band SiLVERTiP Badger

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I love those E3s. What's stopping me? 4 new brushes in the pipeline.
(I think I know who No.1 is!)
Thanks for the info.

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