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Dear fellow DFShavers,

I would like to buy a brass Wolfman handle. My preferences are in the following order: WRH2 or WRH1 OR WRH7. I could also offer a trade option. I have a brass Triads Handle and a standard BBS 1  handle. Please let me know if you have what I am looking for, which you would be willing to part with. Please also send me a PM if you would need photos of the handles that I have for trade.

Best regards,
If you don't want to separate your brass WM handle from the head , I will gladly buy the whole razor! Wink
eBay has had these going from 600-1000 bucks over the last year.... Good luck
Thank you! I guess I would need a lot of luck!
withdrawn! Thank you DFS!

(04-02-2016, 02:28 PM)ANG69 Wrote: withdrawn! Thank you DFS!

Is James still working on the 2015 backlog? Have you tried reaching out to him?
I tried to get in touch with James but after two unanswered emails I decided to stop bothering him....

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