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Bellingham, Washington USA
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Found these items in the den that need a new home!

I made the Pink & Black brush handle and it comes with a 26mm Synthetic knot.

The other brush is a Yari 24mm Synthetic that sure seems like a 26mm.

The 2 razor plates are a Karve Brass “C” open comb and a Rockwell 2 / 4 plate. Grab one of the Maggards V3 top caps for $7 and you have a great Frankenrazor setup!

The handle is a Stainless RazoRock Lupo with DLC coating.

The stand is also a Stainless Razorock from their scratch and dent sale... however it looks pretty darn good to me.

Lastly, I’m including 2 lightly tested shave sticks. Tabac and La Toja... 2 of the best soaps ever made in my honest opinion!

Oh, and if there is room in the Usps flat rate box, I’ll thrown in some nice blades.

Take it all for only $65 shipped

[Image: 12c131e5ae8723c5c8ef60362ef47f83.jpg]
[Image: 4d3ef5dd1c5934bce7c2a7781d876a1e.jpg]
[Image: be89d6d382242d0b9530952062b4487f.jpg]
[Image: 2453b221d041e5fae909db012da0a7f5.jpg]
[Image: c2330592cd107732dbed36c169a1f1c5.jpg]
[Image: 91b041dd5c0eee50a1ec0e31bbf768ab.jpg]
[Image: 7071df8328b4ed7a18deb159e0bd7be6.jpg]
[Image: ebc1419f648a4839e559475856de07c7.jpg]
[Image: 6168a58100ce1baa7a1870bc4381480e.jpg]

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