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[Image: Y8vpDM8.jpg][Image: 4CBnHmD.jpg][Image: qJfmUZE.jpg][Image: 0n8hIMm.jpg]I have a few items that I'm interested in trading or possibly selling for the right offer. 

Declaration Grooming B4 Jefferson Ebonite - this is one of two brushes made in this pour, the other is a Theodore. No idea what it originally sold for or anything about its price besides the fact I paid $350 for it.

Declaration Grooming B16 Jefferson "Le Tigre" - this was originally knotted with B12 and has been replaced with B16. If sold I would ask $350. - GONE

Los Angeles Shaving Soap Co BBS-1 with stand. Serial #411. I paid $1250 last year for it from someone else on here. 

Trade wise, I'm most interested in a B2 Franklin or a Titanium WR2/WRH7 with a 1.55 gap

**All items have been traded/sold**

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