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[Image: 5wff3rW.jpg][Image: Uizmk0S.jpg][Image: xnlWttL.jpg][Image: Wah8KPf.jpg][Image: a4a5goS.jpg][Image: g9DuiCH.jpg][Image: 6nFEhzy.jpg][Image: wF1u2jC.jpg][Image: d9pqE3r.jpg][Image: a7uvEef.jpg]Ok Up for sale are a few razors. Some of these are really nice and some are user grade. Most have not been cleaned well just a soaking in the ultra sonic cleaner for 15 minutes and gentle brush to get most of the grime off. As a bonus you will get a free superspeed or standard flaretip with a purchase at asking price until supplies last. I have more pics just ask. Thank you for looking for your consideration.

I accept paypal, please add fees for G&S. Shipping will be dependent on how many you buy. I dont markup shipping you pay what I pay. 

Lady Pomco - $75
A beautiful razor and case. Its a good shaver too. For those of you ladies or men who shave their under arms and legs for that matter , its a great shaver. For those of you looking to convert your partners, an opportunity here to get a 2 in 1 shaver. The case looks fabulous as well as the razor. 

1940 Gillette Milord Tech - $65
The case is nice but not perfect. A little dirty but it closes as it should. The razor looks good, the plating on the head was shot so i polished the head to make it shine vs the spottiness of the plate loss. The razor functions as it should no mechanical issues

Conrad ( Barbasol ) 2 piece razor - $75

These are the exact same as the Barbasol. The Barbasol razors were manufactured by Conrad who simply branded them for other companies. The razor has plate loss.

Gillette Slim J3 - $35
Razor looks good, most paint is gone, needs some polishing up no mechanical issues

Gillette Blue tip C2 - $35
Razor looks good, slight paint wear around the edges and needs some polishing but no mechanical issues

Gillette Black Flare R2 - $35
Razor looks good, needs some polishing no mechanical issues. 

I have some empty cases for those of you that have orphaned razors looking for a home. These are in good to ok condition and worth taking a look at.

Gillette NO. 88 metal case made in england - $35
Dented/ scratched but overall decent. Case snaps shut as it should and this case could use a polish.

Aristocrat 1947 case - $30
Looks really good snaps shut . A little dirty, a little wear but overall good

Aristocrat 46/47 case - $25
Looks ok. The case has some wear on the outside, a little dirty in and out and inner liner was relined with black felt. ( the inner liner was bare metal ) the case doesnt have the snappiness to it but it displays really well. 

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Best wishes on the sale Jorge. Lots of goodies there !

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Ill open it up to trades.
Updated listing. Many have sold a few are left.

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