Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
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I would like to trade some of these custom Triad double edge razor handles for UFO handles or a Rooney Finest brush.  I can offer a 1 for 1 trade of any one of these handles - your choice - for a brass or red bronze UFO, any model, and I'm willing to part with 2 or even 3 of the handles for a Rooney Finest.  For anyone wondering, from the left, 1, 3, and 6 are stainless steel; 2 is copper; 4 and 7 are titanium; and 5 is brass.

If you follow the forums, you are aware of the very, very long waiting list for a Triad.  Please PM if interested in such a trade.
[Image: H7lfpuH.jpg][Image: hYlKzMy.jpg]

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I love Toby's work. A true artisan. GLWTS.

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