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Hi DFS Gents, 

Up for your consideration is excellent condition Vector Ti in factory polished finish with Ti Vector polished stand. Stand has some scratches from regular use. Selling both for $390 shipped Conus. (Vector ti mrsp $440, ti stand msrp $105). Thanks for looking.

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[Image: OJznr5M.jpeg]

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Jump on this guys.

The Vector Ti is the only safety razor ever encountered that is as manoeuvrable as a straight and as efficient as a straight but with zero maintenance hassles: it makes every other razor superfluous.

For those unfamiliar, AC blades vary dramatically in efficiency vs comfort with the mildest being Feather SoftGuard (which I use) upto Feather Super Pro with a complete range in between. You can make this as mild as a 0,54 Wolfman WR1 or as insane as 1,65 Wolfman WR2 just by using different blades - very unlike DE blades whose differences are subtle.

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Bump for this truly fantastic SE razor!

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