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I have a Timeless Bronze razor (SB 0.38) in good condition and Timeless Aluminum  for sale.  Looking to get $110 for both.[Image: 122748605f6373f04eecaf91899bb0d7.jpg]
[Image: c0375d88e80e5146a0a99325fe9897b4.jpg]
[Image: f0c0a0fc5db5f7486c3b3375648fac4c.jpg]
[Image: d967ede82b742671a080371fd410cc86.jpg]

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Great razor, at a nice price!

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Let us try this. I will add Timeless Aluminum to this. How about $125. Will post photos soon

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Here are few pics.
[Image: 62e0027410010dc0c9c1e978a4fce3f9.jpg]
[Image: 2b35f289a0ccb2f9b94b3d2fe898be39.jpg]
[Image: b6befd2bdf28eef17a7ae1027ead5fc4.jpg]
[Image: d82f56cbc6e9ddf1a0abce9d139867cd.jpg]

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Forgot to add looking to get $125 for both timeless razors together.

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Open to offers or trade for a Rocnel Sailor ?
Ok.  Let us try $115 for both razors.  The trade option is still open  Big Grin
$110 for both razors
Ok. Let us try $99 for both razors. Add $5 for US shipping.

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