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Here are a couple of synthetic brushes and a mostly broken in boar brush that need a new home.  
On the left, a Maggard Black & White synthetic, 24 mm knot, 105 mm overall height, 56 mm loft, new was $13.95.
In the middle, an AP Shave Co SynBad, 24 mm knot, Blue Lagoon handle, 98 mm overall ht 55 mm loft, new approximately $21 USD.
On the right, an Omega Pro 10049 boar, 27 mm knot, 123 mm overall height, 59 mm loft, new $9.99.
All shipped free (CONUS) for $30. Shipped elsewhere if buyer helps out with shipping.
Thanks for looking!

[Image: oxIPeBm.jpg]

[Image: Yt2VDqF.jpg]
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Here are the specs for the 10049:
Brush measurements [approximate]:
- Handle height = 63mm (2.48")
- Hair height = 65mm (2.56")
- Total height = 128mm (5.04")
- Knot size [hair Ø at base] = 27mm (1.06")
- Grip ring [waist of handle] = 36mm (1.42")
I have this knot in my Rubberset 400/3. It's excellent.

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