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Copper over charcoal
Older Fanchurian
Original owner/ Minimal use
$75 shipped conus only SOLD

V18 Fanchurian
Purchased new for $120 and never used
$95 shipped conus only
Drop to $85 shipped conus

Payment via PayPal 
Shipping is conus only
[Image: DOdUkQH.jpeg][Image: YkwxD35.jpeg][Image: 6gxT3tS.jpeg][Image: Fb1LWAr.jpeg][Image: Vhod5PW.jpeg]

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I’ll take the TDR. Please PM me your PayPal info.
Pm sent to you
TDR Copper sold.

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[Image: EdU5W7L.jpeg]What is it, clue?

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If TDR disappoints you, I suggest I consider purchasing it.
It’s whatever he uses to adhere his coins I suppose 
Bump with price drop on “Hempest”

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