Munich area, Germany
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Good day gentlemen,

Looking to trade my Tatara Masamune.

I bought this on 9/19/2018 for USD 260 and have used it only 2 or 3 times since. It is a superb razor, but I just can't find a regular place in my rotation for it, and I'm awaiting three new razors already.

It comes in its original boxing (it is the version without the stand), and I will include a pack or two of either Personna Platinum, Polsilvers, Feather or PermaSharp blades (whichever you like best) and a sample of soap with it for free.

Not looking for any specific razor, just something in stainless steel or titanium in the same price range, might be a Timeless, might be a Barbaros, whatever. Show me what you've got - at worst I say "no".

Will post some pictures when I'm at home this evening.

I can also imagine selling it, but for now I'd prefer a trade.

Cheers from Munich!  Smile

[Image: s0rQWp4.jpg]

[Image: itpaU9z.jpg]

[Image: ivEgeMh.jpg]

Munich area, Germany

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