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Some razors just don’t grab my fancy. I usually keep them for a while, use them now and then, and if they still don’t, it’s time to let go. I always put a good price on them so that someone else can enjoy shaving with them. The razors have been used a handful of times each. The price includes U.S. shipping. No trades, please, and U.S. sales only. Thanks.

The Feather AS-D2 is a fine shaver, if you know how to use it. I have used it about a handful of times, if that. New, I think it cost me around $250 something with the stand. Your price is $155. ($145)
[Image: tUKzJ8N.jpg]

The Timeless aluminum razor is a good shaver, light in the hand, and quite maneuverable. I think I have used three times the most. New, the razor is priced at $75. Yours for $50. ($45)
[Image: 7ODrJis.jpg]

Henson Ti22 (titanium), the latest model, medium gap, which cost me, with shipping from Canada, around $300, is yours for $185. ($175). (SOLD)
[Image: 7jRpVwI.jpg]

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The Henson is sold. The Feather and the Timeless are still available.

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