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today I have for sale some items from my den.  I am shipping from EU, please take a notice, international shipping takes more time, usually 7-21 days to the U. S. I am fully responsible for delivery. After shipment I will send you via PM system bill from post office where is sender and addressee, tracking number and tracking link in English. See pics and if you have any questions or if you need more pics, let me know.

First come, first serve. "First come" means - who send me money first, independently of if he contacts me via PM or here on public, first or last. Thanks for looking.

1) Supply Jet Black V2 - like new!
level 1 unused
level 2 used 1x
level 3 used 3x

My price is USD 105,-  shipped (insured, tracked) to your door. Retail price is USD138,- (Razor 99,- + 39,- settings).

[Image: 2BRF7TA.jpg]

2) DFS Limited Edition Select Badger Fan by Brad Sears (sold out on their page)
My price is USD 160,- shipped (insured, tracked) to your door.

[Image: wmAFaGQ.jpg]
[Image: V5Gx9vi.jpg]

3) Weber SS razor - discontinued / unobtanium
Price is USD 150,- shipped (insured, tracked) to your door.

[Image: Z2kvD1o.jpg]
[Image: UvoAzPR.jpg]
[Image: cTKMJMn.jpg]

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Brush is SPF now.

Brush has sold.
Supply now reduced - USD90,- delivered.

SUPPLY has been sold.
Weber is still available.

Weber has sold! Thank you to buyer and DFS.

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