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Hi everyone…. 

Hope you’re all well!  

Up for sale is my high polished Blackland Blackbird DE Razor, stainless steel. It’s only been used a few times, so as you can see from the photos it’s in perfect condition! Very simply it’s just a little much for me in terms of efficiency for daily shaving. For a few days growth it was excellent, but these days I prefer to keep razors that work well for me for both daily shaves and shaves where I have several days growth.

I’m selling the razor for $200 shipped US and I will throw in this Southern Witchcrafts soap (used twice). I use PayPal. I’m willing to ship international but I ask the buyer to cover the shipping please. The razor costs $235 retail (due to it being the polished version... and might I add, this is one of the better high polish finishes IMO).

If interested, just shoot me a message or email me at Carryonsteadynow@gmail.com 


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