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[font="Source Sans Pro", Tahoma, Verdana, sans-serif]I’m doing a bit of a den purge, moving along some soaps that just aren’t in the rotation anymore.  I’m also including a brand new, just ordered from B&M website two weeks ago, limited edition, soft hearts base Hallows.  It’s just not a fragrance for me.  

Amount of soap can be seen in photos, weight is in ounces.    I purchased all soaps brand new.  I don’t really know what the containers weigh, but I would estimate around 2 oz.  Retail prices next to soaps.   

1. Brand new B&M Hallows.  Unused.   Just recieved.  $20 plus shipping. 

2. CRSW Select American Barbershop.  As you can see, I scooped it recently.  If they are available, this retails for $17. 

3. CRSW Glide - Winter.  This was a seasonal scent that is not currently available.  If they are in stock, Glide soaps retail for $21 plus shipping.  

4.PAA CaD. This is the CK-6 base and retails for $25 plus shipping.    

5. RAzorock Blue Fougere. This comes in a large chunk.  I broke it in half with my hand and stuffed it in this container.   Still a significant amount of soap as can be seen, the one with 7.97 ounces.   $15 plus shipping 

$50 shipped CONUS!   I know, I know. What a deal!   But I’m just trying to make room.  

No trades and I’m not breaking it up so please don’t ask. 

 [Image: X7r0J7f.jpg][Image: X1mG5r7.jpg][Image: eTxuwNw.jpg][Image: Iz7uoaA.jpg][Image: fD9wb9r.jpg]


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